Hi, my name is Shaun Murawski and I shot the Queen.

I picked up a camera for the first time at the age of eighteen, and five years later I became the youngest person ever to be selected to take a formal portrait of The Queen.

Photography is to many people, many different things. It’s hard to explain just what it is to me, at times I feel like every blink I succumb to is a shutter going off, for that sensor located behind my eyes, and I still often wonder whether or not I caught the moment I was observing so fervently in the first place, or whether my eyes close at all the wrong times, and open at the right ones.

The photo of the man in the fog whose name and face I’ll never know is just as important as the photo of the instantly recognisable face of Her Majesty The Queen. People want to see you in your work, the photos you choose to be there for, because you can’t help but do anything else. The ones that make you wake up, and remind you exactly what it is about photography that still gives you that uneasy feeling in your gut, that excitement and that want. Photography to me is stepping outside my comfort zone and being afraid of complacency. For me it’s not about being proud of what I’ve already done, it’s about being excited for what I haven’t.

I photograph anything and everything that compels me to do so. It takes me to interesting places, and I’m constantly surprised at what’s there when I look through my viewfinder.

I listen to myself, I listen to my gut, I listen to my eyes.

I’m forever being quietly overwhelmed.

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